Block Party & Community Outreach

Mission Seattle

HTCC Youth tagged along with the adults to experience the "hard life" on the streets of Seattle. Their mission was to plant seeds into the hearts of a dying city.  Their message was simple. They preached, passed out flyers, did a skit, sing worship songs and holding up their signs they marched and prayed throughout the streets of Seattle, Washington.  Although they've been ridiculed and rejected many times, they still humbly shared the love of Jesus. Few came to receive the Lord but they succeeded to plant the seed that Jesus is Lord in the hearts of Thousands. 

The message was: 

"Your sins can be forgiven!" 

"Your guilt can be removed!" 

"Your life has a meaning!" 

"Jesus Christ is the answer!" 

This was a mission trip they will never forget. To God all the Glory!

HTCC You Got Talent

 You Got Talent is a night of Worship and Fellowship for the Hilltopians and Friends.  This night we worship our God through our dramas, songs and dances.  The night of May 24th was completed with encouraging words from Pastor Fika Esau of Word of Life Hawaii.  Thank you Pastor Fika!  We experienced God's manifestation and many souls accepted Jesus as their Lord & Savior!  To God all the Glory!

HTCC Dinner for Mothers

 Thank you to the Men of Ministries for putting together the most funnest Mother's Day Dinner.  We really appreciate the heart and effort in it all.  You guys have set the standards of professionalism and excitement.  This was definitely "A night we won't forget".

Church Washing

We would like to thank the Men of Ministries who took on the hard project of washing our Hilltop Christian Center church and landscaping.  They enjoyed working with their hands but most of all, they loved the fellowship as they prepared for Easter weekend.  


Easter Egg Hunt

 HTCC hosted the Hilltop Community Easter Egg hunt and had a blast.  The eggs were empty for a reason; there was a prize awaiting for them.  Sister Christie Livingston preached to the little ones "like how the two women who went to the tomb and it was empty because the prize was that Jesus was alive!".  Many came to know who Jesus is and dedicated their lives to Him!  To God All the Glory!